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Language: English
Directory: Patent Download Software
Requirements: Windows
Date added: 2013-06-11
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Consistent with the public policy to promote the wide dissemination of technical information, more and more patent search data is becoming publicly available on the web. Therefore, it's becoming more and more difficult to justify the costs associated with accessing expensive proprietary databases for which there's a charge associated with every transaction.
The simple fact is that more and more technology managers are performing their own patent searches (and not necessarily very well, given the demands on their time). The PATENTSTEIN Browser is patent software that takes advantage of this continuing trend by providing the searchers and technology managers with a tool pointing them to the latest publicly-available sources of technical data, as well as allowing them to access, capture, edit, organize, and share their work in a re-useable form.

The PATENTSTEIN Browser -- an essential tool for the modern patent info professional.


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