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iClaim 3.0 trial


Size: 15,514K
Language: English
Directory: Patent Application Software
Requirements: Windows
Date added: 2010-10-09
Web Site: Home Page



iClaim is a software application designed to check drafted claims for compliance with claims drafting rules and automatically renumber claims and dependencies when removing or adding claims.

iClaim Check analysis uses an expert system to determine the type of each claim and derive dependency rules accordingly.
Claims are also checked for correct antecedent basis,consecutive numbering and typographical errors.

When the analysis is done, iClaim Check uses the Comments tool to highlight errors and provide a brief explanation as to the nature of the error.When applicable, suggested corrective measures are indicated.

iClaim? is installed as an add-in to Microsoft Word?.Thus, you may use iClaim? software in the natural environment in which you draft your patent. No need to switch to another program.


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