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Patent Application Software

PatentIn 3.5.1 Software for Sequence Listings required for biotechnical applications disclosing DNA or protein sequences.
Checker 4.4.6 the software of choice for checking Sequence Listings/Computer Readable Forms (CRFs) to assure compliance with USPTO Sequence Rules.

PCT-SAFE 3.51.063

PCT-SAFE Editor 1.98

PCT- Secure Applications Filed Electronically
PatentWizard 3.0.14 trial Software for preparing and file a U.S. Provisional Patent Application.
Global IP Estimator 4.1.11.trial software for generating worldwide cost estimates for patent, trademark and design applications
eOLF software for submitting patent applications and documents to the EPO online
PatentEase Demo Patent Application Writing Software.
Claims Renumbering Utility 3.2 Demo Use the Claims Renumbering Utility Microsoft Word for Windows to insert claims
iClaim 3.0 trial Software for Checking Patent Claims
PatentCog 1.0 beta8 an editor / translation helper for patent specifications.
Patent Optimizer Version 4.9.2 a revolutionary, automated way to construct and deconstruct patents.
Clmsupp Verify that claims are supported by the disclosure.
ABXPDF Writer Generate the PDF files for the application-body.
ClaimMaster Demo A software tool to help you proofread and analyze patents.
Patent Architect 3.0 A Truckload of Patent Preparation Tools.
PhotoS 4.0 Software to converts photographs into line drawings. .
DPMAdirekt 2.8 Germany Online filing of IP applications.
BiSSAP 1.2 Biological Sequence Submission Application for Patents
ProvisionalBuilder Patent-creation software
Claims Calculator 1.0a Claims Calculator
Brief Description of Drawings Wizard Creates "Brief Description of Drawings" text for a patent applicatio
Claims Wizard 0.9a Create an application’s Summary using text from the claims



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