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Patent Bar Simulator Patent Bar Simulator
EIDOtrademark Search and download trademark information, data
RevaTrademark demo 5.0 track and analysis trademarks software
quotes 1.0 Quotes about creativity
DNApro 6.0 Domain Name Analyzer Professional
Win32Whois v0.9.15 tool that lets you retrieve registration information for a particular domain
ITRFC 1.4 International Trademark Registration Fee Calculator
TrademarkHunter 1.1 Demo software to search, download, manage and generate search reports for trademark
PatentUtility 1.2 convenient access to documents at several U.S. and international patent office websites
Anti Piracy Action Team. Game:.
TIFF2PDF Pilot 2.16.100 Batch conversion utility that converts TIFF files into PDF.
Think Kit Education software cdrom from UKIPO
Feathers Software to monitor the US trademark applications and registrations.
goosefeathers Software to monitor the Canada trademark applications and registrations.
HIP Screen Saver from Intellectual property Office of Singapore.
ConfidentialityWizard 1.1 A software that helps to prepare solid confidentiality agreements.



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